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2020 Undergraduate Program taught in English
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Nanjing University of Science & Technology

Undergraduate Program taught in English


echanical Engineering

The major aims at training technical engineers, mastering basic theory and knowledge of mechanical engineering, good professional ethics, team spirit, innovation and international competitiveness.

Core Courses

Engineering Graphics

Theoretical Mechanics

Mechanics of Materials

Fundamentals of Thermo-Dynamics

Fundamentals of Control Engineering


Industrial Engineering

The major aims at cultivating comprehensive engineers and technical talents with basic theory and knowledge of industrial engineering to engage in the job of planning, design, management, control, consultation, evaluation, optimization and innovation for production and service system.

Core Courses

Operations Research

Probability and Statistics


Business Management

Fundamental Industrial Engineering

Facilities Planning and Logistics Analysis

Human Factors Engineering

Production Management and Control

Quality Management and Reliability

Product Development Project Management

Cost Management

Enterprise Informatization


The major aims to foster interdisciplinary talents with fundamental knowledge in biology, engineering, natural science and humanities. Graduates are capable of engaging in the production of biological products, process design, production management, the research and development of new technologies and products in the domains of biotechnology and engineering.

Core Courses:


Principles of Chemical Engineering

Microbiology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology

Fermentation and Metabolic Engineering

Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering

Pharmaceutical Engineering

The major aims to cultivate high-quality talents to apply the pharmaceutical engineering knowledge of synthesis and process research in the fields of agricultural chemical engineering, fine chemical engineering, fine chemical engineering and pharmaceutical product development.

Core Courses


Principles of Chemical Engineering

Organic Reactions for Drug Synthesis

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Organic Analysis



Pharmaceutical Equipment and Process Design

Quality Management Engineering in the Manufacturing of Drug

Electronic Engineering

The majors aims to equip the graduates with good qualities of modern sciences, humanities, sense of social responsibility and professional ethics, a solid grasp of basic theories and professional skills of the discipline, a strong sense of innovation and engineering practice ability.

Core Courses:


Analog electronic circuit

Digital logic circuit

Signal and systems

The principle and application of microcomputer

Electromagnetic fields and waves


Software Engineering

Graduates are supposed to become high-level professional talents to engage in system R & D and technical management to solve complex engineering problems in the fields of software engineering.

Core Courses:

Object-oriented Programming

Discrete Mathematics

Data Structure

Software Analysis Method and Engineering Technology

Operating System


Systems and Control Engineering

The educational objectives of the program are the following career and professional accomplishments that the program is preparing graduates to achieve within a few years after graduation:

Core Courses:


Analog Circuits

Digital Logic Circuits

Power Electronics Technology

Microcomputer Principle and Interface Technology

International Trade

The program provide students with the specific knowledge and analytical skills they need to take advantage of the opportunities created by the economic globalization and the growing interdependence of the economies of nations.

Core Courses:

International Trade Practices

International Business Writing

International Settlement

International Business Law

International Business Negotiations

Civil Engineering

The major aims at training skilled engineers with fundamental theory and comprehensive knowledge who can engage in the job concerned with civil engineering design, construction, research & development, and project organization and management.

Core Courses

Engineering Mechanics

Structural Mechanics

Soil Mechanics

Concrete Structures

Steel Structures


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