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1.If I wish to study Chinese-taught program without any Chinese skills, is one year complementary Chinese language class included in the scholarship duration?

Yes, but you have to pass HSK4 after one year study, or your scholarship may be reconsidered.

2.Is pre-acceptance letter from professors necessary for application?

Yes, and especially for the students who wish to apply for the scholarship.Students are encouraged to contact with related professors by themselves and get the pre-acceptance letter.

3.What preparation should be done before registration?

  1. Passport;

  2. Original copy of Admission Notice & JW201 or JW 202 visa application form;

  3. Original copy of Transfer statement from current institutions for students who transfer to NJUST within China; Approval Letter from current institutions for students who study short courses in China;

  4. Original copy of Highest degree graduation certificates & transcripts;

  5. Notarized copy of Highest degree graduation certificates & transcripts in English or in Chinese;

  6. Original copy of Language Proficiency Certificate for non native speaker other than English or Chinese (e.g. IELTS, HSK4 etc);

  7. 5 passport-size photo, 5 1-inch size photo;

  8. 2 copies of passport information page (for the use of opening the bank account);

  9. Physical examination report.

  1. What is the payment method?

CASH ONLY—Chinese Yuan.

Fees will be paid on registration day.

  1. Can I pay the tuition in other currencies

Sorry, you can't. Please change your money into Chinese money first, and then come to pay the tuition in Chinese Yuan (RMB).

  1. How much should I pay?

Registration fee: 500yuan (only for the 1st semester)




Chinese Language Course



Bachelor Program in Chinese


Bachelor Program in English


Master Program in Chinese


Master Program in English


Doctoral Program in Chinese


Doctoral Program in English


On campus


Double bed Room


4-bed Room


  1. How can I apply for residence permit?

  1. Regular passport with an X1 visa and its copy,

  2. The study certificate that indicates the study duration and the Admission Notice issued by NJUST,

  3. Yellow page of Application Form for Study in China JW201/JW202 ,

  4. Finished visa and residence permit application form (with one passport-size color photo 3.5cm * 4.5cm),

  1. Temporary Residence Registration Form offered by the local police station.

  1. Registration Form of Temporary Residence

  1. Health Certificate issued by Jiangsu International Travel Healthcare Center for Students over 18 years old whose study period in China is more than 6 months.

  2. Transfer approval or graduation certificate issued by the former Chinese university if necessary.

  1. When do the newcomers apply for the residence permit?

When new students come to the office to register, students may be issued a visa application certificate and JW 201/202 visa paper from NJUST, with other necessarydocuments, they are required to go to the Nanjing Public Security Bureau to apply for residence permit.

  1. Where to apply for Residence Permit?

The Exit & Entry Administration, Nanjing Public Security Bureau.

Address: No.173 Baixia Road, Qinhuai District

Telephone: 025-84420254.

Service Time: 9:00-17:00, Monday to Saturday.

  1. I have had the physicalexaminationbefore coming to China. Shall I do it again?

If the physical examination was taken in 6 month, present all the text results to the doctors at the Jiangsu International Travel Health Center (JITHC) in Nanjing. If the result is confirmed, you will be issued a health certificate, confirmation fee is required.

  1. I didn’t have a physical examination before I came to China. What shall I do?

You must go to Jiangsu International Travel Health Center (No.1, Baixia Road) to have an overall physical checking.

  1.  What preparation is needed before the physical examination

Do not drink or eat anything in the morning, and take with you your passport, 2 photos(3.5cm*4.5cm) and about 480yuan. 

14. How can I find the list of professors?

    Please visit for NJUST professor information.