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NJUST International Students Enjoy Laba Rice Soup and Learn Chinese Culture in Dorm
来源: 2018-01-25 阅读数: 254

January 24, 2018 is the Laba Rice Porridge Festival. The dormitory administration team cooked the delicious Laba rice soup and share it with the students. The Laba Rice Porridge Festival, generally called “Laba”, is December 8 of Lunar Calendar. Ancient people pray to their ancestors and pray for good harvest and auspiciousness on this day. In some area, people have the tradition of taking Laba soup as well. The international students enjoyed the Laba soup happily and give great praise.

School of International Education also invites Prof. Jin Xulan to show the Chinese Handwriting by this chance. By showing the writing of the FU () and New Year scrolls (春联), international students experienced the lively and warm Chinese New Year.