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Notice for 2018 Undergraduate Graduation Project (Thesis)
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Work flow of the graduation project (thesis) is carried out in the management system of Nanjing University of Science and Technology graduation project (thesis) (website: http://bysj.njust.edu.cn,you can enter it from the homepage of Academic Affairs Office’s website.). User name and initial password of students are all student ID. Management requirements, instructions and various document templates can be downloaded in the management system. Relevant document template format must be downloaded from the management system using the new template.


The previous work time-arrangement of Graduation design (thesis) is as follows:

(1) From October 25th to November 15th, to complete the draw-up and examining of topics;

(2) Before November 22nd, students complete the selection of topics;

(3) Before December 8th, to complete the arrangement of task documents, examination and release work.

(4) Before January 15, 2018, to complete the research proposals and submit the translation of foreign language.


It is estimated that the time for the mid-term examination is March 19, 2018, and the time for submission of the graduation design instructions (papers) is May 18, 2018.4.


The related regulations of graduation design (thesis) see the management regulations of graduation design (thesis) of Nanjing University of Science and Technology (2014 Edition) (which can be downloaded from the website of Academic Affairs Office and management system), teachers and students please read the rules carefully.


The students who have not completed the graduation project (thesis) or have not passed the defense should complete the whole process of graduation project (thesis) from the topic selection to the defense at the same time with the students of grade 2014. The college has to inform the related students and organize the work.


When the topic is determined, students should regularly enter the work record weekly in the management system before the defense, to record the process and progress of the graduation project (thesis). The number of weekly notes is one of the conditions for declaring excellent graduation design (thesis).


During the graduation project (thesis), teachers and students encounter problems, such as resetting the management system password, applying for delay submission materials and other matters please go to the Academic Affairs Office of the college.


Hereby notify.