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Notice for 1st International Students Thesis Paper Commendation of NJUST
来源: 2017-03-27 阅读数: 1015

通 知



In order to commend the academic research achievement made by international students, '1st International Students Thesis Paper Commendation of NJUST' will be held at Science and Technology Hall at 3:30 p.m. on Friday, March 31st. At the appointed time, there will be members of leaders of NJUST, diplomats and entrepreneur come as award presenters.


We will have a lecture about the policy about the award of academic thesis paper and aid financial of international academic meeting. No more consulting will be accepted about this policy afterwards. After the lecture, we will arrange the job about the graduation ceremony.


All the international postgraduate students should wear academic costumes or formal dress or national costumes to attend the meeting on time.


School of International Education, NJUST