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Notice about Graduation Photo Shooting for 2017 Postgraduate Students
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Notice about Graduation Photo Shooting for 2017 Postgraduate Students

Our university will organize the graduation photo shooting for the postgraduate students graduating in 2017. All the postgraduate students, meeting the requirements for graduation in 2017, are welcome to attend this graduation photo shooting.



All the main leaders of NJUST will come and take photos together with postgraduate students.


1. 拍照时间和地点: 314(周二)上午7:50在第二运动场集合

Time and place for photo shooting: 7:50 a.m. on March 14th (Tuesday), 2017, in the Second Playground ( to the South of Pindao Cafe).

2. 着装安排:穿学位服,请携带您的学生卡313(周一)下午3:30-5:00国教院二楼212214房间领取学位服,并请于314日(周二)上午拍完毕业照后将学位服返还至国教院二楼212214房间

Dressing: Please wear academic costumes. The academic costumes will be offered by SIE.

How to get your academic costumes: From 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. on March 13th (Monday), please come to Room 212 and 214 of SIE by showing your Student ID Card and signing your name.

How to return your academic costumes: Immediately after the photo shooting on March 14th (Tuesday), please return your academic costumes to Room 212 and 214 of SIE.

3. 排队方案:男生女生分开排队,听从现场老师安排。


Men and women will be arranged to stand separately in different rows, and please follow the SIE teacher’s guidance on that day.

Attention! Don’t be late.

4. 校领导来合影,请大家主动掌声欢迎。

Please welcome the school leaders with warm applause.

5. 毕业典礼将安排在330日(周四),具体时间另行通知。

The graduation ceremony will be held on March 30th (Thursday), exact time to be informed later.


Thank you for cooperation!


International Students Education Evaluation

and Chinese Language Center


March 10, 2017